New Director of Records Management Training

Christopher “Eddie” Kline joined our staff as the new Director of Records Management Training program in May and we asked him a few questions. New Records Management Training program director, Christopher "Eddie" Kline 1 First, What is your general background? Prior to coming onboard at NARA, I served as a training Section Chief and lead … Continue reading New Director of Records Management Training

Oversight Activity Report Issued

Our office just released the first ever Semi-Annual Report of Records Management Oversight Activities. This report highlights themes, key observations, and recommendations for action we have identified while conducting recent oversight inspections. We hope this information is helpful to records officers and records management staff in federal agencies. This report summarizes records management oversight activities … Continue reading Oversight Activity Report Issued

FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

We have received several questions about managing Federal records during the COVID-19 pandemic, including questions about scheduling records and using the General Records Schedule (GRS).  We have collected these questions and responses in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.  The FAQ has been posted to our website here.  If you have additional questions or require … Continue reading FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

Current Operating Status

During the current public health national emergency, the Office of the Chief Records Officer for the U.S. Government remains ‘virtually’ open. All staff are 100% teleworking and our office is available to respond to questions or concerns. If you are unsure who to contact, our website contains a list of various email addresses. While we are … Continue reading Current Operating Status

GRS uploaded to Data.Gov

We have posted searchable and manipulable versions of the General Records Schedules (GRS) in comma-separated value (.csv) format to test the usefulness of records schedule data in this format. The files contain the raw data, minus personally identifiable information (PII), exported from the Electronic Records Archives (ERA). The data files along with a data dictionary … Continue reading GRS uploaded to Data.Gov

Annual Reporting Period Opens

Today we open our annual records management reporting period. This year’s reporting period covers activities in 2019 and runs until March 13, 2020. Agencies should have already received additional communications with full details and instructions from our office. This year, we are asking agencies to report on the following: Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA) and Federal Electronic … Continue reading Annual Reporting Period Opens

Calendar Formats Added to Format Guidance

We have added Calendar Formats to Appendix A: Table of File Formats of NARA Bulletin 2014-04, Format Guidance for the Transfer of Permanent Records. Records in this format can now be transferred as permanent records to the National Archives. Typically, this format is used for electronic calendars. Electronic calendars allow users or groups to create … Continue reading Calendar Formats Added to Format Guidance

Release of Annual Records Management Report

We are pleased to announce the publication of NARA’s Federal Agency Records Management Annual Report, 2018.This consolidated report provides a summary analysis of the state of Federal records management programs across the Federal Government.  In March 2019, NARA required Federal agencies to submit three reports: the annual Senior Agency Official for Records Management (SAORM) Report, … Continue reading Release of Annual Records Management Report