About the Bloggers

Photo of blogger Arian Ravanbakhsh Arian Ravanbakhsh is a Supervisory Records Management Policy Analyst in the Office of the Chief Records Officer at the National Archives and Records Administration.

Briefly, I have been at NARA since 2000 and on the records management policy team since 2006. My work has always been focused on writing policies and guidance to help agencies improve their records management practices. The Managing Government Records Directive provides a very clear framework guiding this work as we move forward towards better electronic records management in the 21st century.

I’ve always viewed Records Express as critical to our success in communicating with our stakeholders. We welcome comments and discussion on all of our posts.

20120315-dean-thomas-portrait-croppedJames Stossel has been involved with information and records management in the military, government, and private industry for more than 35 years. Before coming to NARA, he owned a marketing communications firm focused on helping governments at all levels change negative behaviors with positive results.

I joined NARA’s Office of the Chief Records Officer early in 2017 to focus and enhance outreach efforts by the Office of the Chief Records Officer.

Prior to joining NARA, I served in the military until retirement, including a tour as historian for a major command; lead global government outreach efforts for a leading enterprise content management company; and owned a successful outreach communications company of my own.

I view Records Express as a soapbox from which records management experts can share best practices and policy guidance across the federal government and beyond. Contact me if you have something you’d like to post, and join in the lively discussions.

Beth Cron is a records management policy analyst in the Office of the Chief Records Officer at the National Archives and Records Administration.

I started as an intern at NARA in the summer of 2007 and joined NARA full-time in 2008. As a member of the records management policy team, we have produced guidance on managing email records with the Capstone approach, cloud computing, email archiving applications, and managing electronic messages. The Managing Government Records Directive has directed our work over the past few years as we move toward electronic recordkeeping in the federal government. We encourage discussion on Records Express as we share updates on our work, draft policies, and events within the Office of the Chief Records Officer.

Eric-Kyle-Douglas-4.jpg E.Kyle Douglas is an Electronic Records Policy Analyst in the Office of the Chief Records Officer. He has worked over 20 years in the records and information management profession and spent that time leading and contributing to military,  defense industry, and Federal government records management programs at various organizational levels.

Drawing upon my experiences in the field I now perform as an senior specialist and advisor in the formulation of government-wide electronic records management program policy. My goal is to assist agencies by helping to develop sustainable, yet forward-leaning policy that can be translated into real world practices across all Federal agencies. As part of that work, my colleagues and I regularly post to the Records Express Blog to engage community stakeholders. Please continue to check back for information and guidance.