Next Steps with DOI Records Schedule

We have been posting updates on the status of our ongoing appraisal of Department of the Interior’s proposed big-bucket records schedule. Now that the period for public comment has closed, we would like to provide an update on the next steps in this process. First, we would like to thank everyone who took the time … Continue reading Next Steps with DOI Records Schedule

Additional Background on DOI Records Schedule

On October 26, we posted about the proposed big bucket records schedule submitted by the Department of the Interior (DOI). The post also included information on how to submit comments through the Federal Register process which all records schedules containing items proposed for temporary retention must follow. We are accepting comments through November 26. The … Continue reading Additional Background on DOI Records Schedule

Bureau of Consumer Finance Protection Proposed Records Schedule

Today a notice of the availability of records schedules for comments was posted in the Federal Register. This includes a proposed schedule, DAA-0587-2018-0001, from the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (BCFP), also known as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, covering website content duplicative of original information maintained by program offices. NARA is in the final … Continue reading Bureau of Consumer Finance Protection Proposed Records Schedule

Department of Interior Updating Their Records Schedule

Many of our readers may have seen recent items in the news media, social media or on listservs that make it seem like the Department of the Interior is making an unusual request to destroy Federal Records. We have been busily responding to inquiries about this schedule from individuals and the press for a few … Continue reading Department of Interior Updating Their Records Schedule

Updating our Website

Starting on Friday afternoon, we will be updating the content on our records management web page, located at  These updates will be completed by Monday morning, October 15th. We have been looking at our records management web page and how our information is organized.  We analyzed how users are interacting with the site, including … Continue reading Updating our Website

Hurricane Michael Approaching Florida

Hurricane Michael has strengthened as it moves north-northwestward over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico. NOAA is currently reporting the major storm will cause a life-threatening storm surge, hurricane force winds, and heavy rainfall along the northeastern gulf coast. While the immediate focus is on the Florida gulf coast – it is important to note that … Continue reading Hurricane Michael Approaching Florida

Draft Digitization Regulations Out For Comment

On September 10, 2018, we posted our draft regulations for digitizing temporary records on the Federal Register. Instructions for leaving a comment can be found in the posting. Comments will be accepted until November 9, 2018. In tandem, we developed a FAQ document for agencies providing additional information and context about these proposed regulations.

Essential Records Guide Updated

Our post on Tuesday reminded Federal agencies of the resources available to them to handle a records emergency. This remains especially relevant as Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina. We want to take this opportunity to highlight one of the resources mentioned in the post. We are pleased to announce a new edition of NARA’s … Continue reading Essential Records Guide Updated

Hurricane Florence Threatens Eastern Seaboard

Hurricane Florence is steadily pushing toward the mid-Carolinas according to the latest data from weather forecasters. The NOAA Forecast Map from earlier today posted below shows the likely path of this dangerous storm. Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall later this week, possibly as a Category 4 hurricane. In advance of Hurricane Florence, we … Continue reading Hurricane Florence Threatens Eastern Seaboard

Updating NARA’s Format Guidance Bulletin

We released two bulletins on transferring electronic records to NARA. Bulletin 2018-01: Updating NARA Bulletin 2014-04, Format Guidance for the Transfer of Permanent Electronic Records streamlines the process for future updates to the format tables in our transfer guidance. We are also releasing the updated Bulletin 2014-04 and Appendix A: Tables of File Formats, which lists … Continue reading Updating NARA’s Format Guidance Bulletin