FAQ About Digitizing Temporary Records

Information Division vault in Building 50 showing rows of file folders and documents on shelves. Photograph taken April 16, 1957. Principal Investigator/Project: Analog Conversion Project. National Archives Identifier: 22118242 We are pleased to announce the release of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Digitizing Temporary Records. The FAQ addresses questions about the background, requirements, and implementation … Continue reading FAQ About Digitizing Temporary Records

New Guidance Posted

Last week, our office released two NARA Bulletins for Federal agencies. The first, NARA Bulletin 2020-01, is the guidance answering common questions and providing clarifications to the OMB/NARA Memorandum M-19-21: Transition to Electronic Records. This Bulletin is the additional guidance required by the Memorandum.  We have received many questions from agencies, including general questions, exception … Continue reading New Guidance Posted

FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

We have received several questions about managing Federal records during the COVID-19 pandemic, including questions about scheduling records and using the General Records Schedule (GRS).  We have collected these questions and responses in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.  The FAQ has been posted to our website here.  If you have additional questions or require … Continue reading FAQ: Records Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

Telework and Records Management

One area for Federal employees that has received a fair bit of attention recently is telework. Telework simply is a work arrangement whereby an employee can perform their duties in a different location. This could be from home or another approved work location. However, just because employees are working from home, their responsibilities to protect … Continue reading Telework and Records Management

New FAQ on the site today!

For many, many, many years we have been answering calls and e-mails from you, the records schedulers, about when a change to an existing schedule can be done without submitting a new SF 115, and when a revised one is needed.  For the most part, we've been able to answer your questions clearly, but there … Continue reading New FAQ on the site today!