Webinar on FAQ about Non-Compliant Permanent Digitized Records

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mERq7ad6gg January 10, 2024 Webinar on Non-Compliant Digitization FAQ In May 2023, NARA issued regulations with digitization standards for permanent paper and photographic print records.  These digitization standards provide detailed information on how to create digitized permanent records that can be preserved as part of the U.S. National Archives.  While NARA issued the standards in … Continue reading Webinar on FAQ about Non-Compliant Permanent Digitized Records

Vacancy Announcements

Our office has posted two vacancy announcements for four (4) Archives Specialist positions on our appraisal teams. These positions are designed to cover both ends of the career ladder, so there are two announcements. One covers the GS 7/9 and the other covers GS 12/13. Both announcements will be open until Tuesday, January 16, 2024. … Continue reading Vacancy Announcements

FRON Celebrates 10 years

At last week's BRIDG Meeting, we made an announcement to mark the 10th anniversary of the Federal Records Officer Network. We congratulate them on this milestone and wish them continued success. Their leadership has asked that we share this blog post. The following is a guest post from the leaders of the Federal Records Officer … Continue reading FRON Celebrates 10 years

ERA 2.0 Update

On September 18, NARA’s Electronic Records Archives system (ERA 2.0) became available for agency records scheduling. ERA 2.0 now has full functionality for scheduling and the majority of all previous ERA data has been migrated into the system.  A significant update to the system occurred last week which contained several fixes, including the ability to … Continue reading ERA 2.0 Update

ReMis Update

Our Records Management Training Program has been busy working on Records Management Instruction Support (ReMIS) projects. ReMIS has provided records management instructional design and development assistance to 21 federal agencies in FY 2023 so far.   Please visit the NARA ReMIS website for a full list of services that ReMIS offers to support your Records Management … Continue reading ReMis Update

Hurricane Hilary Heading Toward Southern California

Hurricane Hilary has rapidly intensified into a Category 4 storm and is headed toward Southern California and the Southwestern United States. Hilary is expected to produce rainfall amounts of 3 to 6 inches, with isolated maximum amounts up to 10 inches, across portions of the Baja California Peninsula through Sunday night. Flash flooding, locally significant, … Continue reading Hurricane Hilary Heading Toward Southern California

Recent Updates From our Office

We would like to call your attention to three recent releases from our office. First, the GRS team has recently produced an updated version of the machine-implementable GRS file. This update adds a new field containing the full disposition instruction in text form. We produce this version of the GRS as a resource for agencies. … Continue reading Recent Updates From our Office

Open for Comment: Draft NARA Bulletin on Collaboration Platforms

We are requesting comments on a draft NARA Bulletin: Managing Records Created on Collaboration Platforms. Please send comments or questions to rmpolicy@nara.gov by July 31, 2023. This bulletin addresses the management of federal records created when agencies use collaboration platforms. We are issuing this bulletin to address agencies’ increased use of collaboration platforms to accomplish … Continue reading Open for Comment: Draft NARA Bulletin on Collaboration Platforms

New Product from the FRMC

The Federal Records Management Council (FRMC) is a NARA-sponsored group of agency records officers that meet regularly to discuss records management challenges common to all agencies. Over the past several months, a working group of the FRMC has been meeting to develop the IT Tiered Requirements for Records Management. This spreadsheet has now been released … Continue reading New Product from the FRMC

Webinar on Digitizing Permanent Records

Last week, we held a webinar for over 800 attendees on our newly issued regulations on the digitization of permanent records. These regulations, at 36 C.F.R 1236 Subpart E contain the requirements for agencies to digitize their permanent records. The transcript of the webinar has been posted on our website and you can find the … Continue reading Webinar on Digitizing Permanent Records