New FAQ on the site today!

For many, many, many years we have been answering calls and e-mails from you, the records schedulers, about when a change to an existing schedule can be done without submitting a new SF 115, and when a revised one is needed.  For the most part, we’ve been able to answer your questions clearly, but there has never been one place you can go to for an answer (other than calling NARA staff, that is).  Now, there is an FAQ that discusses the various types of changes that can be made without submitting a new 115 and when you need to inform us if you are making any of these “pen-and-ink” changes.

Go to take a look at the FAQ, and come to the BRIDG meeting on Monday to hear a briefing on it and to ask any specific questions you have about it.

2 thoughts on “New FAQ on the site today!

  1. Can I dial into these meetings; I would very much like to take advantage of them all but feel it necessary to be on site working on the agency’s records management needs

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