Toolkit Spotlight – New York Preliminary Guidance on Social Media

image of spotlightThis month, our Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records spotlight returns to illustrate how the Toolkit incorporates materials from anywhere. While we released our Web 2.0 Bulletin to heads of Federal agencies in October, (see: Guidance on Managing Records in Web 2.0/Social Media Platforms) other archival and records management programs have been working on similar guidance. The New York State Archives issued a Records Advisory: Preliminary Guidance on Social Media in May. While directly applicable to local government and state agencies in New York, the guidance does contain some best practices on knowing the risks of social media, appropriate use procedures, developing a comment policy, and dealing with service providers that can be used by anyone dealing with the records management implications of social media.

We designed the Toolkit to include any type of tool. Tools can include case studies, best practice documents, process models, policies and directives, tips and techniques, training programs, “lessons learned”, and even presentations. What tools have you discovered that make managing records easier? Did you know that you can suggest a tool? Are there other tools that we should feature? Please let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Toolkit Spotlight – New York Preliminary Guidance on Social Media

  1. Mark

    You are certainly right to point to that article from the Post as an example of the records management challenges we face from everywhere as technology evolves and as agencies use technology in different ways to collect information. It does keep this job interesting.

    One thing I can point you towards is our Selecting Sustainable Formats FAQ This FAQ was created to help agencies select formats in areas where we have yet to issue guidance.

    Thanks again for your comment.

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