Opportunity for Comment: Draft Training Bulletin

We are requesting comments on a draft Bulletin entitled “Agency Records Management Training Requirements.” The draft is available here.

We anticipate releasing this Bulletin later this year. It was developed to support  the July release of OMB Circular A-130, as well as current laws and Directives governing Federal records management programs. This Bulletin will specify agency records management training requirements and best practices, including who must take training, the frequency of training, and the content that should be covered.

We welcome participation in the development of this guidance. Please comment here or email PRMD@nara.gov with any questions or comments for consideration by September 29, 2016. We will review all the comments we receive.

A status update of this Bulletin will be provided at the November 17, 2016 BRIDG meeting. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity for Comment: Draft Training Bulletin

  1. Sounds like a good opportunity to promote NARA’s Records Management Training Program, where all of this training is provided, and can be brought back to the Agency.

  2. In KA6, I learned of NARA’s “Records Management for Everyone,” which was a free, web-based training course available at NARA’s LMS. I was informed recently that this course was no longer available, but it might be a good idea to restore this webinar and link to it in the bulletin. The course would provide a nice RM overview for personnel and also provide agencies a starting point for creating or improving their internal training requirements.

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