News from the Field: Spotlight “E-FORUMS”

Today’s post comes to us from Matthew Eidson, Supervisory Archives Specialist in the National Archives Permanent Records Capture Section.

Southwest Region packs the house; Pacific Alaska schedules an encore show; Headlines read “E-Forums declared a success”.  Regional Records Managers across NARA have been holding E-Forums around the nation for about eight years. They were started in the early 2000’s primarily in response to NARA’s effort to raise awareness about the management of electronic records. Regional Records Management Programs wanted to bring electronic records management emphasis from Headquarters NARA to the field in an informational style seminar which would be easily accessible and adaptable to fit the needs of each region. The result was a variety of e-forum styles from the ½ day freebie, to the mini-conference, to even just recently a virtual e-forum. The effort grew into a more sophisticated annual event with high quality speakers from varying backgrounds on a wide range of topics. Topics for this years local e-forums have included knowledge management in the intelligence community, risk mitigation in cloud computing, email, PII, vital records, Twitter, spoliation, and Web 2.0. Lots of good things have grown from these forums such as COOP Working Groups, connections within the RM and IT community, attendance in RM training and courses and visibility of regulatory requirements surrounding the management of electronic records. The topics are locally determined as well as the event style. Here are a few of the flyers from some of the successful e-forums this year:

Southwest Eforum Flier

E Forum Pacific Alaska Flyer

Be sure and take advantage of the upcoming E-Forums in your region.  Contact your local NARA records management staff for further details.

4 thoughts on “News from the Field: Spotlight “E-FORUMS”

  1. The Southwest Region`s E-Forum in Austin this week was great. There was a good mix of presentations, between NARA-specific content and presentations from the private sector. Good stuff!

    1. Yes Ben and thanks for asking. The Chicago E-Forum is scheduled for 7/15 at a downtown Federal building. Robin Riat, Senior Records Analyst from NARA’s Central Plains Region will be the keynote speaker. She will be speaking on Web 2.0/Twitter. I will be posting the flyer soon on this post so please check back.

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