RACO 2010

Laurence Brewer is now on-stage and opening the festivities at this year’s RACO. We’ll be updating this post throughout day as different sessions get started. Follow along here, where we have posted the program. Also on Twitter.  Enjoy!

9:45 Update: The Archivist has finished his speech and fielded questions from the audience. One question about Cloud Computing. Earlier, we issued an FAQ about Cloud Computing that provided basic information and raised concerns. The FAQ notes that NARA is also working on a Bulletin that is due by the end of the fiscal year. So stay tuned for that. Another question about the General Records Schedule – NARA is planning to spend some time in FY 11 on the GRS. Laurence Brewer may have more to say about that in a future post. Keynote speaker Cass Sunstein from OIRA is up on the podium now.

11:30 Update: Lunch time. We’ve just heard from Jason Baron. His presentation slides will be placed on our website very soon. We’ll provide the link as soon as we have it.

Lunch Update: No, not describing the food. But announcing the four winners of the 2010 Archivist Achievement Awards:  #1) Department of the Interior, Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST), Office of Trust Records (OTR); #2) Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); #3) Department of State; and finally #4) Department of Treasury. Look for a fuller post later about the specific projects that were recognized this year and the Archivists’ challenge to broaden the scope of the traditional awards.

1:30 Update: Stephanie Fawcett has just talked about NARA’s 2009 Self-Assessment report and the upcoming 2010 Self-Assessment report. You can see the results of the 2009 report. The link to the 2010 Self-Assessment report will be sent to agency records officers on May 17, 2010 – that’s next Monday – with a deadline for completion of  11:59 PM on June 11.

3:25 Update: Last session is underway. Getting very good presentation about the data.gov portal from program director James Rolfes and more about what NARA is specifically doing to support open government from Pamela Wright. It’s been a great conference day with some thought provoking sessions and topics being discussed.

Anyone who attended have a particular highlight or thought they would like to share? Ideas for RACO 2011?

3 thoughts on “RACO 2010

  1. For those of use who could not attend, what materials will be made available online? Events like this should really be recorded for webcast, if not webcast live, if you really want to maximize transparency, collaboration, etc.

    And if you could also work on delivering the lunch via the Web that would be great too.

  2. Kate – Thanks for your comment.The presentations for RACO 2010 have been placed on the RACO program page, located here: http://go.usa.gov/iUN These are all the presentations for which speakers used slides.

    I’ll pass on your other comments and we’ll see what we can do moving forward.

  3. Thanks, Arian. It sounded like a great program, so I’m looking forward to checking out the presentations. I’m sure you’ll be able to work out the logistics for delivering more next year.

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