Electronic Records Summary Report Released

Today’s post comes to us from Laurence Brewer, Director of the Life Cycle Management Division in the Modern Records Program.

At yesterday’s Bimonthly Records and Information Discussion Group (BRIDG) meeting with Federal agencies, I announced the release of NARA’s Electronic Records Project Summary Report, FY 2005 – FY 2009. It is now available on our web site at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/resources/e-records-report.pdf.

The Electronic Records Project was set in motion by NARA Bulletin 2006-02, NARA Guidance for Implementing Section 207(e) of the E-Government Act of 2002, that required all Federal agencies to identify and schedule their electronic records and to transfer to NARA electronic records that are permanently valuable. It also established a Government-wide deadline of September 30, 2009, for agencies to submit records schedules to NARA for all their existing electronic records.

The Summary Report looks back over the past five years and recaps the strategies NARA used to help agencies reach the goal, and it also presents the results of agency e-records schedules and transfers received by NARA before the September 30 deadline. There are even recommendations for next steps that we know should be done!

Please post or send us your comments on the report, and if you are a Federal records officer, be sure to mark August 18 on your calendar for the next BRIDG so you don’t miss the latest news from NARA!

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