Retirement of Dr. Michael Kurtz

A week ago today, Dr. Michael Kurtz, the Assistant Archivist for Records Services – Washington, DC (NW), announced his retirement effective March 3, 2011.  His retirement comes after 37 years of dedicated Public Service, all of it at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

As you might imagine, all of us at NARA will miss Michael greatly, especially his counsel, insights, support, and direction regarding all facets of our mission.

Beyond the halls of the National Archives, the records and information management community will also miss Michael and his decades of leadership in addressing the records and information management challenges facing the Federal Government.

Dr. Kurtz accomplished many great things during his career, but one that is most closely connected to our work in the records and information management community is the implementation of key parts of the E-Government Act of 2002 and the creation of the Federal Records Council.  In March 2005, Dr. Kurtz’s leadership in this area was recognized by Federal Computer Week when it recognized Michael with one of its prestigious Fed 100 Awards.

Michael will continue to be (through March 3rd, and beyond) a staunch advocate for records and information management as a way to meet the business needs of Federal agencies, to protect the rights and interests of Citizens and their Government, and to preserve and provide access to the records that document our National Experience.

Please post your experiences working with Michael over the years and feel free to offer your congratulations.  We are looking for great stories to share at his retirement celebration in mid-February.

Congratulations, Michael.  Thank you for your service.

7 thoughts on “Retirement of Dr. Michael Kurtz

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Kurtz. You will be missed greatly. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Michael Kurtz was one of my first mentors in the Federal Government. He strongly supported the Toolkit. I’ll never forget Michael passing me in the hallways of NARA with a thumbs-up and a “go!”. When I left NW to become the NARA Records Officer, Michael supported my decision, and contacted my new boss (the CIO) to endorse her decision to hire me. Michael is always positive, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking. I look forward to partnering with him in the future, in providing UMD students real world learning opportunities in NARA’s corporate RM testbed. Thank you Dr. Kurtz!

  3. We shouldn’t forget Michael’s work in the international archives arena. I met and worked briefly with Michael in Brussels on the NATO archive releases a few years back and know he worked determinedly to achieve the end result. Happy retirement!

  4. Howard, Thanks so much for for reminding us of Michael’s contributions to the formation of the NATO archives many years ago, and his unrelenting work to release the important records of that institution for researcher around the world.

    I would also be remiss if I did not mention that Michael’s experience in Brussels resulted in my developing a great fondness for Mary’s Chocolates at 126 Rue Royale –

    Thanks again, Howard, for the post!

  5. In working with Dr. Kurtz on many records management programs over the years, as well as on NATO Archives development, I always appreciated Michael Kurtz’ dedication to his profession, relentless pursuit of excellence, sincere concern for the interests of his staff, and intellectual curiosity. Best wishes, Michael, for a productive and enjoyable post-retirement career as well!

  6. This is a late comment, but being somebody who has a privilage to know Michael from (very)distant country-Bosnia and Hercegovina- I can say that his thorough knowledge of European history is impressive.Michael is always open to exchange thoughts on different issues and is always full of understanding , is supportive and positive and has outstanding sense for humor:-) all the best to Michael

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