OPM and Information Management Positions

We have heard from OPM that they are proposing a new occupational series to encompass information management positions in the Federal government. This came from an memo they have sent to Human Resources Officers in the government. The memo requests feedback to OPM on this topic. Because of our obvious interest in the topic, we will be commenting to OPM and hopefully playing a leading role in the development of this occupational series. However, we also want to encourage the Federal records officers community to share their views, either with us  (feel free to leave a comment below) or by commenting directly to OPM.

Here is basically what OPM said about their effort:

The Office of Personnel Management  is proposing to establish a new occupational series encompassing information management functions, including those related to FOIA. This proposal is motivated by the Administration’s commitment to transparency. In order to promote greater transparency throughout government, the Administration has identified information management as a high-priority occupation. OPM believes that establishing a new information management occupational series that brings together Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Privacy Act, and Records Management positions would support recruitment, selection, and development of this critical workforce; elevate the importance of these functions within each agency; and advance professionalization of the field.

To begin this initiative and gain a full understanding of the range of work performed in this area, OPM requires your assistance. We  request that you respond to the following questions about the proposed occupation:

  1. Is it appropriate to merge Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and Records Management duties and responsibilities into one series? If not, please explain.
  2. Are there additional, related functions that should also be covered by this occupational series? If so, please elaborate.

Please provide the requested information along with an agency point of contact to fedclass@opm.gov by April 15, 2011.