Bulletin on Shared Drives Released

We are pleased to announce that NARA Bulletin 2012-02, Guidance on Managing Content on Shared Drives  has been issued. NARA recognizes agencies have long used shared drives to store content. Agencies have had varying degrees of success in managing the Federal records on shared drives. This Bulletin outlines the records management implications and challenges, agency responsibilities, and benefits of organizing and managing content stored on shared drives.

The bulletin has been posted to our website at http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/bulletins/2012/2012-02.html. Or, http://go.usa.gov/5vt is the shortened link.

NARA bulletins are designed to provide fundamental guidance to Federal agencies who must then determine the most appropriate ways to incorporate the guidance into their work. This bulletin was written from feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders, including the agency records officers and the Federal Records Council. In addition, recall that back in October, we posted a preliminary draft for comment. We thank everyone for their input.