Plans for RACO 2012

Logo for RACO 2012

We are pleased to announce information about RACO 2012, NARA’s 24th Annual Records Administration Conference.

RACO 2012 will be a half-day conference, with no fees. This year’s program will focus on the implications of the Presidential Memorandum on Managing Government Records and case studies of the 2012 Archivist Achievement Award (AAA) winners. Additional details, with specific information on the AAA nomination process and deadlines, along with instructions for the registration process will be forthcoming via RM Communications, here on the blog and the main RACO web page.

About Arian Ravanbakhsh

Supervisory Records Management Policy Analyst in the Office of the Chief Records Officer.
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2 Responses to Plans for RACO 2012

  1. SammA says:

    Good things happen at RACO: examples of federal government staff doing good. we need to hear more about these kind of folks and how they make it happen!

  2. Brian Devir says:

    RACO 2012 scheduled for same time as the ARMA International Conference in Chicago?

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