PIDB Report Released!

Today, the Public Interest Declassification Board released online its recommendations to the President on Transforming the Security Classification System.  The full Report can be found at

The report centers on the need for new policies for classifying information, new processes for declassifying information, and the imperative for using and integrating technology into these processes.  In advance of today’s release, the Board publicized some of its recommendations on its blog Transforming Classification.  A public release event took place earlier today at the National Archives to discuss the report with current Board members.

One thought on “PIDB Report Released!

  1. Thank you for your post. The Public Interest Declassification Board recently published a report to the President on “Transforming the Security Classification System.” Our report ( makes the case that the current system is outdated and requires fundamental changes, including changes in how the Government manages its records. The current system was created at the onset of the Cold War, when information sharing and access was limited. Government record-keeping declassification practices are similarly outmoded and incapable of dealing with the growing volume of electronic records that will soon overwhelm records officers and declassifiers. A new system is needed, one that uses new technologies and applies them to a new policy framework that best serves our nation. Our recommendations support new policies to improve Government record-keeping practices and to improve the capabilities of the National Declassification Center. We look forward to assisting a White House Steering Committee, and the National Archives as they seek to modernize policies and practices.

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