Social Media Bulletin Issued

We have just released NARA Bulletin 2014-02, Guidance on Managing Social Media Records. This Bulletin supersedes NARA Bulletin 2011-02: Guidance on Managing Records in Web 2.0/Social Media Platforms.  This Bulletin was written with feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders, including OMB, the Federal Records Council, Federal agencies, and the public. We thank everyone for their input.

Social media allows individuals to collaborate, create, organize, edit, comment on, combine, and share content, likely resulting in the creation of Federal records.  This guidance provides Federal agencies with high-level requirements and best practices for managing records created and received when using social media.  Any social media Federal records must be managed in compliance with Federal records management laws, regulations, and policies. This Bulletin does not contain platform-specific social media capture guidance.


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Supervisory Records Management Policy Analyst in the Office of the Chief Records Officer.
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2 Responses to Social Media Bulletin Issued

  1. Karen Trebon says:

    This may be off topic, but what about web analytics data? Google Analytics for example. Does that need to be kept? For how long?

  2. Arian Ravanbakhsh says:

    Karen.. Specific questions about what your agency needs to manage as Federal records are best answered by your agency records officer. Find out who has that responsibility in your agency by visiting:

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