Agency Records Officer Training Requirements

Today, we issued NARA Bulletin 2014-03: Guidance on Agency Records Officer Training Requirements. This  Bulletin explains how we are implementing Requirement 2.3 of the joint Office of Management and Budget and National Archives and Records Administration  Directive M-12-18: Managing Government Records.

This requirement states that by December 31, 2014, each designated Federal agency records officer must hold the NARA Certificate of Federal Records Management Training. The Bulletin describes our training program and explains the process by which current agency records officers may be granted exemptions or exceptions.

Please note this requirement applies only to the designated Federal agency records officer for each agency. A list of the designated Federal agency records officers can be found on our website.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Laurence Brewer, Director, National Records Management Training Program (Acting) at (301) 837-1539, or by e-mail to