Release of NARA Bulletin 2015-02: Guidance on Managing Electronic Messages

We are pleased to announce the issuance of NARA Bulletin 2015-02, Guidance on Managing Electronic Messages.

This Bulletin applies to text messaging, chat/instant messaging, messaging functionality in social media tools or apps, voice messaging, and similar forms of electronic messaging systems. The Bulletin addresses the new definition for electronic messages and other issues covered in the recent amendments to the Federal Records Act. Overall, the Bulletin provides basic records management guidance for electronic messages.

This Bulletin is consistent with the Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18) charge to develop a 21st-century framework for managing records. This Bulletin recognizes technology is rapidly changing and employees are using electronic messaging systems to conduct their work. We aim to create guidance agencies can use as the technologies evolve. The rapid evolution of technologies requires agencies to automate records management processes to the fullest extent possible.

A briefing on this Bulletin will be delivered at the August 19 BRIDG meeting. Further information about this meeting will be posted here soon. Please leave any questions and comments you may have.

2 thoughts on “Release of NARA Bulletin 2015-02: Guidance on Managing Electronic Messages

  1. Is this guidance exclusively for the Executive branch? Reason I ask is the bulletin specifically mentions “employee of an executive agency”. Does it apply to the Judicial branch as well?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Jessica. Yes, our guidance applies to those departments and agencies covered by the Federal Records Act. However, we also think that the guidance is good practice for all agencies.

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