Updated RM for Legal Counsel Materials

In May, we presented the updated Records Management for Legal Consul briefing. Video from the two parts of this briefing have now been uploaded on  NARA’s You Tube Channel. A copy of the briefing slides is available as a .pdf.

This program utilizes CART services in place of sign language interpreters. To see the captions, click on the CC logo at the lower right part of the frame.

Below are the videos and the major points in each session.

Records Management for Legal Counsel Part I – Time: 1:25:00

Key points in Federal statutory and regulatory requirements that relate to agency records
Best practices in building a defensible records management program
Counsel’s role in an agency records management program
Challenges and legal issues associated with electronic records

Records Management for Legal Counsel Part II – Time: 1:13:00

Statutory updates from 2014
The role of legal counsel in an agency’s record keeping program
E-Record keeping and E-Discovery
Special Issues
Legal holds on records and the duty of agency counsel