Open Government National Action Plan 3.0

The White HoScreen Shot of the Cover of the Third Open Government National Action Planuse announced the release of the Third Open Government National Action Plan for the United States of America  earlier this week. The release of the Plan was timed to coincide with the Open Government Partnership (OGP) global summit taking place in Mexico City. You may recall that earlier this year, a call went out for public input to the plan.

This National Action Plan (NAP) has more than 40 new or expanded initiatives to advance open government across federal agencies, including the National Archives. As in the previous two action plans, the critical role records management plays in support of open government is highlighted.

The NAP includes three targets specific to records management and consistent with the ongoing work our office is doing to support the implementation of the Managing Government Records Directive. These are: creating a public dataset of government officials emails scheduled for permanent retention under a Capstone approach, the ongoing reporting of progress being made by agencies towards the Directive’s 2016 email target, and holding a public meeting to solicit feedback for improving our Records Control Schedule repository.

Stay tuned as we continue to report our progress on these three important goals and all of our work to modernize the management of federal records. Please review this post by the Archivist for more information about these commitments and the others for the National Archives.