Universal Electronic Records Management Requirements

We are pleased to announce the release of the Universal Electronic Records Management Requirements as part of our Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI). Through this initiative, we have been working to improve the way agencies acquire ERM services and solutions.

Agency staff can use the Universal ERM requirements as a starting point when writing a Statement of Work or Performance Work Statement for ERM tools or services. Records officers can share these requirements with their procurement and IT departments as a basis for work on specific requirements for agency systems.

We also expect these requirements to be used in other ways. GSA is developing a new Special Item Number under Schedule 36 for electronic records management services based on these requirements. GSA plans to award this new SIN to vendors who self-certify they meet these requirements.

We also envision integrating these requirements into each of the shared services being developed by the Unified Shared Services Management office. This could ensure any of the shared services’ IT systems will manage electronic records according to NARA guidance and potentially reduce the records management burden on individual agencies.

This represents a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to improve records management throughout the Federal government as mandated by the Managing Government Records Directive.

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