GSA Posting Updates to Schedule 36

We have  been working with administrators from GSA to insert new language on Electronic Records Management (ERM) into Schedule 36, which deals with records management services. As a result, we have updated the existing SIN (51 504) and created a new Special Item Number (SIN 51 600) – one solely for the description of physical records management and one solely for ERM.

  • The Physical Records Management SIN 51 504 is an update from what was previously listed on Schedule 36. The language has been updated to reflect current regulations and requirements.
  • The Electronic Records Management SIN 51 600 includes any solutions and/or services necessary to provide a total electronic records management solution. We are excited to have the Universal ERM Requirements included as a part of this SIN.

GSA published a blog post detailing the specific changes made to Schedule 36. The post provides instructions on how vendors can contact GSA for questions about the schedule changes. The post also advertises an upcoming GSA webinar on these changes and a related Industry Day. We also welcome your feedback here.

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