Opportunity for Comment: Draft Bulletin – Agency Records Officer Credential Training and Renewal Policy

We are requesting comments on the draft NARA Bulletin, “Agency Records Officer Credential Training and Renewal Policy”. This draft Bulletin describes the replacement of NARA’s Certificate of Federal Records Management Training with the proposed Agency Records Officer Credential (AROC). The draft Bulletin also establishes the requirement for Agency Records Officers to periodically renew the credential.

The draft Bulletin expands upon the recently issued OMB/NARA Memorandum M-19-21 (June 28, 2019) that includes requirements for NARA and Federal agencies to reform Government-wide records management policies and practices. Target 1.4 of the Memorandum indicates agencies must designate an Agency Records Officer who holds the Certificate of Federal Records Management Training.

The draft Bulletin covers a wide range of topics regarding records management training credentials and renewal – including, but not limited to:

  • Who does this requirement pertain to?
  • How do Agency Records Officers meet the AROC requirement?
  • No exemptions will be offered.
  • What about Agency Records Officers that already completed the Certificate of
  • Federal Records Management Training?
  • Renewal requirements.
  • How often will Agency Records Officers be required to renew the AROC?
  • Whom to contact for more information.

The Bulletin should be finalized and released October 1, 2019. The AROC will go into effect January 1, 2020. At the end of September 2019, NARA will stop offering the Certificate of Federal Records Training and will no longer offer the Knowledge Area (KA) training courses. See our post dated May 21, 2019 for more information on the various changes occurring in the Records Management Training Program.

You can comment on the draft Bulletin by leaving a comment below or by sending an email to RMPolicy@nara.gov with any questions or comments for consideration by COB August 9, 2019. We will review all the comments we receive.