Federal Records Officers Network (FRON)

The following is a guest post from the leaders of the Federal Records Officer Network.

Established in 2013, the Federal Records Officers Network (FRON) is a community of federal records officers and professionals. The FRON was designed to provide an in-person and virtual forum to discuss common federal Records Management (RM) information and experiences. The main goals of the FRON are to:   

  • Share experiences
  • Leverage best practices, tools, and templates
  • Leverage the collective efforts to address common issues

As agencies are beginning to report on the status of progress of M-19-21 milestones, the FRON is hoping to expand its membership! Membership is open for Agency Records Officers, Records Management Officers, Records Custodians, and Records Liaisons!  

The monthly meetings are hosted by different agencies in the National Capital Region and are made available through interactive online meetings. The meetings consist of in-depth discussions of hot topics and ongoing efforts. Since the FRON is a true collaboration, topics are also proposed and prioritized by all the members.

In 2020, issues that will be addressed are:

  • FAQs for the new Agency Records Officers
  • Update to the Records Management 101 Training
  • Preparing for a truly electronic records management environment

Join the FRON to stay up-to-date on the latest issues facing government records officers.   At our next meeting, we will be discussing the 2019 Records Management Self-Assessment, Federal Email Management Reporting, and Senior Agency Official for Records Management report.  

To join the FRON, contact the FRON Leaders:  Ron Swecker, sweckerr@sec.gov; Walter Bohorfoush, Walter.Bohorfoush@dot.gov; , Laura Besong, besong.laura.m@dol.gov, Debbie Kramer, Debbie.Kramer@hhs.gov, or Matt Hebert, matthew.hebert@usdoj.gov.

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