Opportunity to Comment: Draft Universal Use Cases

We are requesting comments on our draft Universal Use Cases as part of our Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI). Through FERMI, we have been working to improve the way agencies acquire ERM services and solutions. The use cases are a part of the Electronic Records Management Federal Integrated Business Framework (ERM-FIBF) and can serve as a starting point for agencies when seeking to procure services or solutions to manage electronic records.

We developed the ERM-FIBF according to standards set out in the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF) developed by GSA’s Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement (OSSPI). The FIBF serves as a model to help the Federal government better coordinate and document common business needs, improve processes and performance, and drive economies of scale. With the development of the ERM-FIBF, NARA hopes to ensure records management requirements conform to the FIBF and are addressed in all Federal mission support functions.

We previously had use cases for electronic messages, social media, and websites. We are taking a new approach and organizing the use cases by the lifecycle. We drafted an Electronic Records Management Use Cases Overview (Word document) that includes the information previously duplicated across the use cases. We now have drafts for: 

Each use case includes a considerations section for specific record types, such as electronic messages and social media. 

The Use Cases are written from a high-level perspective and are intended to cover all types of electronic records. We intend for agencies to use the use cases to demonstrate how vendors and service providers meet the requirements for managing electronic records. The scenarios reflect an ideal flow of events and do not have to be accomplished in the exact way they are outlined in the use cases. The goal is to meet the requirements. 

We want to hear from you! We would like to receive feedback from a variety of stakeholders, so please share widely.

You can comment here or email rmpolicy@nara.gov with any questions or comments for consideration by May 22, 2020. We will review all the comments we receive.

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  1. This is a unique outreach, kudos to NARA. What are your plans to continue this initiative?

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