Transition Post 4: President-Elect Transition Team Materials

Here is another post in our series on records management during Presidential transitions. We have received questions concerning the records management responsibilities related to Transition Teams. 

The President-elect’s Transition Team (PETT) represents the President-elect during the Presidential transition. The materials that PETT members create or receive are not Federal or Presidential records, but are considered private materials.  

However, transition briefing materials created by a Federal agency and agency communications with the PETT are Federal records and must be managed in accordance with an approved agency records schedule.  

If a PETT member is appointed to an agency position as part of the new Administration, the status of PETT materials that the individual brings to the agency may change. If PETT materials are incorporated as agency working files, they become records under either the Federal Records Act (FRA) for individuals working at Federal agencies or the Presidential Records Act (PRA) for individuals working in PRA creating entities of the Executive Office of the President. If the PETT materials are kept separate from Federal agency files or from the files of a PRA entity, then they remain private materials.

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  1. Will Federated Information Management combine the laws, regulations and procedures that have been associated with records information management (RIM) practices. The transition to electronic records management will bring additional training and compliance awareness and possibly other certifications. One of my concerns regarding the transition and change of how information is being collected, processed and prepared is for those who have studied and learned the laws, regulations and procedures associated with records information management, will require greater collaboration.

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