Machine-readable GRS Issued

Ferrite core plane assembly. Photograph taken October 14, 1959. Bubble Chamber-823. National Archives Identifier 22123102

Last week, we announced that our office has developed a version of the General Records Schedules in a comma separated values (CSV) format. We hope this will aid agencies in automating records disposition. The CSV format is software agnostic and agencies should be able to convert data fields as needed for implementation in their specific applications.

Please note that not all GRS items can currently be translated into a machine-implementable instruction and we are actively working to revise about 70 disposition authorities. There are also a number of GRS items that are filing instructions or were not appropriate for inclusion in the CSV file for a variety of other reasons.

We are also issuing a Frequently Asked Questions related to the GRS CSV file. If you have additional questions or suggestions for improvement of the file, please contact or leave a comment below.

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