Opportunity for Comment: Draft Bulletins – Revoked NARA Bulletins and Resubmission of Capstone Forms

We are requesting comments on two draft NARA Bulletins, Revoked NARA Bulletins and Resubmission of Capstone Forms

The revocation bulletin identifies four Bulletins that NARA determined contain outdated content and should be revoked. The four bulletins to be revoked are:

  • 2008-07: Endorsement of DoD Electronic Records Management Software Applications Design Criteria Standard, version 3
  • 2009-03: Pre-accessioning Permanent Electronic Records
  • 2010-02: Continuing Agency Responsibilities for Scheduling Electronic Records
  • 2014-06: Guidance on Managing Email

These bulletins will be labeled as “revoked” and moved to NARA’s past bulletins webpage.

The Capstone bulletin requires agencies using the GRS Capstone form (NA-1005) to periodically update and resubmit the form. Our goal is to ensure that the schedules stay accurate as agencies change over time. 

Please send any comments or questions on the draft Bulletins to rmstandards@nara.gov.  Comments are due by February 4, 2022. We will review all the comments we receive and appreciate receiving your input.