Updates to Format Guidance Bulletin

Department of the Army civilian uses a laptop computer to check out a video projector (Not shown) for Visual Information (VI) Presentation Services at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. 8/18/2000. National Archives Identifier: 6511839

We have added the OpenDocument Graphics Format (ODG) to Appendix A: Table of File Formats of NARA Bulletin 2014-04, Format Guidance for the Transfer of Permanent Records. Records in this format can now be transferred as permanent records to the National Archives. ODG files are used to store vector graphics documents. ODG is an XML-based file format and is part of the OpenDocument format suite.

We also made updates to the format specifications URLs for several existing format entries. The location of these specifications had been removed or moved to new URLs, and we have updated Appendix A accordingly.

If you have questions, please leave a comment or email rmstandards@nara.gov.