New Product from the FRMC

The Federal Records Management Council (FRMC) is a NARA-sponsored group of agency records officers that meet regularly to discuss records management challenges common to all agencies. Over the past several months, a working group of the FRMC has been meeting to develop the IT Tiered Requirements for Records Management. This spreadsheet has now been released and is available on our website. 

This product was developed to help agency records staff communicate requirements to contracting and IT staff when procuring systems. These requirements are starting points for agencies when developing requirements for their IT system procurement. They are not meant to supersede or preclude any additional requirements an agency has to meet their business needs or use cases.

We thank the members of the working group and the FRMC for volunteering their time on this effort to add a new tool to support records management in federal agencies.

One thought on “New Product from the FRMC

  1. Wonderful document. Thank you to all for putting this together and getting the information out.

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