Recent Updates From our Office

We would like to call your attention to three recent releases from our office.

First, the GRS team has recently produced an updated version of the machine-implementable GRS file. This update adds a new field containing the full disposition instruction in text form. We produce this version of the GRS as a resource for agencies. Agencies can upload the CSV file into their records management systems as an aid to applying the GRS to their records. We have also updated the associated FAQ.

Second, last week we published the Federal Agency Records Management Report for 2022. This report is based on reports agencies are required to send to us: Senior Agency Official for Records Management (SAORM) Report, the Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA), and the supplemental Federal Electronic Records and Email Management Report. Taken together, all three submissions demonstrate the achievements and challenges faced by agencies as they continue the transition to fully electronic recordkeeping. While most agencies are following recordkeeping requirements prescribed by statutes and regulations, there remains room for improvement, particularly in managing historically valuable electronic records.

Finally, we have also released our Semi-Annual Report of Records Management Oversight for the first half of calendar year 2023. This report identifies trends from our inspection and oversight activities as well as highlighting several activities currently in progress, including several assessments, inspections, and systems audits. The results of these activities will be covered in future semi-annual reports.