Records Management Updates to GSA’s Multiple Awards Schedule 

We have two exciting updates to share about GSA’s Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS). The MAS is a vehicle for agencies to procure services and solutions to manage their records. 

The first update is the Special Item Number for Electronic Records Management (SIN 518210ERM). It has been updated to align with Version 3 of the Universal Electronic Records Management (ERM) Requirements

In response to the updated Universal ERM Requirements, GSA released a new self-certification document for vendors on SIN 518210ERM. GSA is asking these vendors to self-certify that they are able to meet the updated Universal ERM Requirements by the end of June 2024.

The updated self-certification form asks vendors to provide a brief summary of their products, services, and solutions under SIN 518210ERM. Agencies frequently request this information from vendors while conducting market research. This additional information will help agencies find vendors capable of meeting their electronic records management requirements.  

The second update is the creation of a new subgroup under SIN 518210DC – Document Conversion & Digitization Services called “NARA-Compliant Digitization Services for Federal Records.” We recently published digitization regulations for permanent records. This new subgroup allows contractors to better highlight their capabilities to meet the digitization regulations. Agencies can also target this subgroup in eBuy when posting RFIs/RFQs. GSA is now encouraging vendors who meet the requirements to add this subgroup. Please note, vendors are in the process of adding themselves so it is not yet a comprehensive list. Check out GSA’s Interact post for more information. 

If you have any questions about requirements or the regulations, please contact us at

If you have any questions about updates to the Multiple Awards Schedule, please contact GSA at