GSA / NARA Webinar for SIN 518210DC Contractors 

On May 23, 2024, GSA hosted a webinar on the new Subgroup under SIN 518210DC: NARA-Compliant Digitization Services for Federal Records. We presented an overview of the digitization regulations and GSA shared how to add this new subgroup to vendor contracts. We also had a Q&A segment to address attendee questions. 

We recommend vendors who meet the capabilities add this Subgroup to their contracts (if you have not already done so). Instructions are attached to the bottom of this GSA Interact post. Agencies are able to view this subgroup on eLibrary and target the subgroup on eBuy for their requirements. 

You can view the video recording of the NARA presentation here.

If you have any questions about the adding the subgroup, contact GSA at

If you have any questions about NARA policy, contact us at

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