Unauthorized Destruction

These are two words that records managers never want to hear. An unauthorized destruction occurs when records are destroyed or deleted in any of the following cases: Without an approved disposition; When the record has been approved for permanent retention; Prior to the end of the approved retention period (unless order by a court); When … Continue reading Unauthorized Destruction

2010 Census Records Scheduling Update

Given public interest in the records accumulated during Census 2010, we are making the 2010 Census Records Schedule and the accompanying NARA appraisal of the records available for review and comment.  An earlier discussion about the issues surrounding the appraisal process and the 2010 Census records appeared on this blog in May. The schedule lists … Continue reading 2010 Census Records Scheduling Update

Congratulations LC! And ‘tweets’ can be Federal records too

  Congratulations to our colleagues at the Library of Congress on their recent announcement of their acquisition of the complete archive of Twitter.  This certainly represents a unique and compelling addition to their collection, and we very much share in their excitement. In light of a comment by an LC official, I would like to … Continue reading Congratulations LC! And ‘tweets’ can be Federal records too