News from the Field

Today’s post comes to us from Matthew Eidson, Supervisory Archives Specialist in the National Archives Permanent Records Capture Section.

Let the drums roll and tape ticker . . . it’s my pleasure to introduce to you a new segment on Records Express that I’m (rather uncreatively calling) “News from the Field”. My name is Matt Eidson, I’m from the Office of Regional Records Services in College Park. I’ve been invited to satisfy your weekly craving for regular updates and newsworthy items from the field. My job at NARA is as the Coordinator for the Regional Records Management Program. I organize for a group of about fifty records analysts from across the nation at various sites of the National Archives. Our primary role is to serve the records management needs of agency field offices. We do this by offering assistance and guidance with schedule and program implementation, conducting records management training and workshops and performing activities relating to scheduling and appraisal of Federal records. It is my hope that by keeping you informed and sparking your interest in NARA’s regional records management program (in a rather lighthearted way, might I add) that we will also be able to impart some of the unique aspects of records management in the field. I hope to organize future postings into the following categories:

  • Spotlight – highlighting RM work in the field
  • Front Page – records management in the news
  • Jewel – a useful records management tool or resource for records managers in the field
  • Eyebrow lifter – an interesting records management topic or issue