Records Management Training for FY 2012

NARA’s Agency Services Announces the National Records Management Training Schedule for FY 2012.

Our National Records Management Training Program is pleased to offer a full range of comprehensive records management training courses geared towards the Federal community. The fact is that everyone who works for the Federal government is potentially creating records everyday. These records, both paper and electronic must be managed from the time they are created. NARA’s records management training courses provide opportunities, in the classroom and online, for Federal employees to get the training they need to deal with information in the Federal workplace.

The Records Management Training Program’s core mission is to provide innovative, comprehensive, and cost-effective records management instruction to our learning community of Federal employees and contractors. We designed our classes (both face-to-face and Webinar formats) to help anyone who handles records or manage information. Information in our classes should also be of interest to program managers, legal counsel, and IT staff.

Here is theĀ  master list of NARA’s Records Management Course Offerings from around the country.

The homepage for our records management learn center is available here.

6 thoughts on “Records Management Training for FY 2012

  1. I want to know if there is an opening in Electronic Records Management, Albuquerque, NM 2012

  2. I just want to know do you have a class scheduled in mMaryland for the calendar year 2012?. Thanks

  3. Sheila – Yes, our classes are open to contractors. The link in the post above will take you to our master list of classes and you should be able to find several offerings in College Park.

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