New Directors Within the Office of the CRO Named

It has been just one week since Laurence Brewer and Don Rosen were named to be the Director of the National Records Management Program and the Director of Policy Analysis and Enforcement, respectively, in the newly organized Office of the Chief Records Officer.

There is much to talk about and even more to do!  But first, a brief introduction of these roles. Laurence will oversee the National Records Management Training program, the new Permanent Records Capture section, and the Records Management Services section, which includes NARA’s traditional records appraisal teams, the GRS team, the Agency Assistance team, and the Systems Integration, Design, Support, and Adoption team.  Don will oversee the Electronic Records Format Team, the Oversight Team, and the Records Management Policy Team.

Each of these functional teams is described in the organizational chart and descriptions posted as part of this powerpoint presentation that outlines the structure of the Office of the Chief Records Officer. In future posts, we will go into greater detail about the vision, mission, and direction of each of these organizational units. In addition, we will announce the other directors as they are named.

Laurence came to NARA in 1999 after working several years as a records management contractor for the U.S. EPA and the VA Department of Transportation. In 1998, he received his Certified Records Manager designation. During his career at NARA, he has had several interesting and challenging jobs – including as an appraisal archivist in the Life Cycle Management Division and, a policy analyst on the Electronic Records Management Policy Team.  Most recently, Laurence served as the Director of the Life Cycle Management Division.

Don arrived at NARA in 2008 as a member of the Electronic Records Management Policy Team.  He has contributed to the development of multiple guidance products on topics such as Web 2.0/Social Media, Cloud Computing, Shared Drives, and email. In addition, he is NARA’s representative to ISO TC 46/SC11.  Prior to joining NARA, Don spent 15 years in the private sector helping Federal customers on a variety of records and information management projects.

They look forward to working with all of you in the Federal records management community to ensure that the records of our Government are well managed.  Please feel free to get in touch with them to share your thoughts , or leave comments here, and look for Laurence  and Don at the Agency Services BRIDG meeting this Tuesday, October 4 at Archives I.

Laurence Brewer, Chief Records Officer Paul Wester, Don Rosen