Draft GRS Available for Review

The GRS Team is pleased to announce the release of six new draft General Records Schedules for agency review. The schedules were released via RM Communication AC 22.2013: Agency Review of New Draft General Records Schedules on May 2. The team will be collecting comments from agencies through May 31. Comments can be sent to the team at GRS_Team@nara.gov.

The team issued the following schedules:

DAA-GRS-2013-0001: Input Records, Output Records, and Electronic Copies (Chapter 4.3)

DAA-GRS-2013-0002: Records Related to Records and Information Management (Chapter 4.1)

DAA-GRS-2013-0003: Financial Management Records (Chapter 1.1)

DAA-GRS-2013-0004: Records Related to System Development (Chapter 3.1)

DAA-GRS-2013-0005: Records Related to Information Technology Infrastructure and

System Maintenance (Chapter 3.2)

DAA-GRS-2013-0006: Information Systems Security Records (Chapter 3.3)

Each schedule package includes two versions of the schedule: first, the version produced by ERA, and second, a “review version” that is easier to read and looks more like what will be the version published on the GRS website. The team recommends that reviewers focus on the “review version” of the schedule rather than the ERA version, although the information is basically the same. The team has also provided crosswalks mapping old GRS items to the new schedules. These crosswalks, as well as the schedule packages, are available at www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/grs/.