Reporting Requirements for Agencies

This morning, we issued RM Communications AC23.2013.  This communication provides information to Federal agencies regarding the reporting requirements that we are implementing to support the goals and actions of the Managing Government Records Directive.

Senior Agency Officials (SAO) at agencies are being instructed to compile their Annual SAO Report to the Chief Records Officer for the US Government. This report will center on the overall progress being made in the transition to electronic recordkeeping for both email and permanent records. SAOs are also being asked to report on any cloud computing deployments.

In addition, the Communication clarifies the future of the annual Records Management Self-Assessment (RMSA). The RMSA is being adjusted to also support the Managing Government Records Directive. The RMSA will include information on the agency’s permanent records older than 30 years still in their custody and their unscheduled records.

Both the SAO report and the RMSA are due by December 31, 2013. As that date gets closer, we will continue to provide additional guidance to agencies about these reports. Questions about these reports may be left on this post or can be sent to