Capstone Briefings

While we had to postpone the Capstone briefing scheduled for last week, we have posted videos of the Capstone Session held on February 4.

This session was divided into two panels. The first was from our own records officer, Susan Sullivan. Susan shared information on how we planned the approach, stakeholder involvement, implementation steps to date, and lessons learned that might help other agencies who are considering implementing their own Capstone approach.

The second session consisted of a panel of NARA experts  to answer general questions on Capstone and email management. Included on the panel were staff from the following NARA offices: General Counsel, NARA records management, appraisal and scheduling, records management policy and electronic formats, and electronic records transfer.

2 thoughts on “Capstone Briefings

  1. Is Capstone the name of a vendor’s product, or a name given by National Archives to their email solution?

    We may be interested in buying it as a state agency from North Carolina, if available.

    Can I obtain any information that shows how you are planning to capture archival email at the highest levels of the agency for National Archives?


    Frank Holt, Records Manager

    1. Frank, thanks for your comment. Capstone is the name of the approach to email management. It is not a particular email solution. In the presentation above, Susan Sullivan talks about our implementation of the Capstone approach at the National Archives and Records Administration. That may provide you the information that you are looking for.

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