Support for Agencies Using ERA

NARA Bulletin 2012-03, issued August 21, 2012 informed Federal agencies that, beginning October 1, 2012, we will use the Electronic Records Archive (ERA) for scheduling records and transferring permanent records to the National Archives.

As a reminder, we provide ERA support and training for agencies using ERA and agencies just getting started. These include:

  • Online ERA training modules for scheduling and transfer are available on the ERA eLearning Page.
  • NARA has recently updated the ERA Agency User Manual (.pdf) with expanded instructions and additional illustrations.
  • NARA provides Crosswalk Documents to illustrate how SF 258 fields correspond to ERA Transfer Request (TR) fields, and how SF 115 fields correspond to ERA Record Schedule (RS) fields in ERA.
  • Agency records managers in the Washington DC area may request specialized on-site assistance by completing an Online Training Assistance Request Form (.pdf).
  • For technical ERA system issues like resetting of passwords, etc., users can call the ERA Help Desk.  Agencies can call the ERA Help Desk from 6 AM to 8 PM EST at 1-877-372-9594.  Agencies can also reach the ERA Help Desk by e-mail to

These resources and links to additional ERA support can be accessed on the ERA Homepage. Agencies needing additional information should contact their NARA appraisal or accessioning archivist.