Opportunity for Comment: NARA-Created Transfer Requests

We are requesting comments on the draft of an upcoming NARA Bulletin on NARA-Created Transfer Requests. NARA bulletins are designed to provide fundamental guidance to Federal agencies who must then determine the most appropriate ways to incorporate the guidance into their work.

This Bulletin establishes a time period for agencies to take action on NARA-created Transfer Requests in the Electronic Records Archives. It also establishes a time period for agencies to take action on any NARA-created Standard Forms 258, Agreement to Transfer Records to the National Archives of the United States (SFs258), which have not yet been submitted to NARA.

Please make your comments about the draft Bulletin and any suggestions here by July 18, 2014. We will review all the comments we receive. We plan to issue the Bulletin by the end of July. You can download the draft of the bulletin (as .pdf ) here.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity for Comment: NARA-Created Transfer Requests

  1. The deletion of NARA-created SF-258s two months after issusance of this bulletin would have a negative impact on the Judiciary. We are currently still in the process of applying newly approved records disposition schedules retroactively to case files that were not boxed according to new criteria. This is an extremely challenging and time consuming endeavor. Removal of these transactions would create additional work for the Judiciary.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I will pass it on to the development team for their consideration.

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