OPM Releases Final Records Management Occupation Flysheet

OPM released a memorandum for Chief Human Capital Officers announcing the final version of the Records Management Occupation Flysheet (O308) and the Qualification Standard on March 10. This action formally created a new occupational series of records and information management. We believe this will elevate the roles, responsibilities, and skill sets for agency records officers and other records and information professionals.

The task of establishing the occupational series is an important target in the Managing Government Records Directive. OPM conducted multiple rounds of review, focus groups, and received numerous comments from us, the federal records management community, and other interested groups as they created this series.

OPM Deputy Associate Director, Recruitment & Hiring, Kimberly A. Holden said “Establishment of this new series brings into focus the records and information management workforce using one occupational series to provide consistency in describing, classifying, and recruiting for records and information management specialists across the Federal Government.”

For specific questions regarding how this series will be applied at your agency please contact your Human Capital Office for details. General questions or feedback to NARA can be sent to: Preston Huff at preston.huff@nara.gov or Lisa Haralampus at lisa.haralampus@nara.gov. We look forward to hearing from you about this new series

4 thoughts on “OPM Releases Final Records Management Occupation Flysheet

  1. I’m retired Air Force. My career field was 702/3AO/3D which is Information Manager/Record Manager and Knowledge Ops.
    Is the Records Management Occupation Flysheet (O308) about the same thing. If so, I would love to apply for this type of work.

    1. Pearle – Thanks for your comment. It will be up to each agency to determine how they will implement this new series. From what you describe, it looks like that Air Force series is very similar.

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