Capstone GRS Published

We are happy to announce the publication of GRS Transmittal 25 (.pdf), which issues GRS 6.1, Email Managed Under a Capstone Approach. The transmittal only adds new chapter GRS 6.1; all schedules in Transmittal 24 are still current and active.

GRS 6.1 is available only to agencies implementing a Capstone approach to managing email. Agencies choosing to use this GRS must submit a verification form (Form NA-1005) prior to implementation and must disseminate the schedule within 6 months. The form and other information about the GRS is available from this page. Keep in mind some browsers do not support viewing of PDF documents. For best results, it is recommend that Firefox or Internet Explorer be used to open the form, or that the form be downloaded directly from the page.

We will release an online training module on how to fill out the verification form on October 13, 2015. The time between release of this Transmittal and release of this training will ensure that agencies have adequate time to review the GRS, its affiliated FAQ, and the verification form prior to the training. Agency Records Officers should also begin discussing the transmittal of GRS 6.1 with the appropriate agency stakeholders, including the Senior Agency Official (SAO) for Records Management, General Counsel, and Chief Information Officer. The NARA training is not mandatory, but encouraged.  Agencies may begin completing the verification form at any time.

Additional questions to those already included in the FAQ document released with the transmittal:

  1. What does this transmittal provide Federal agencies?

GRS Transmittal 25 publishes GRS 6.1, Email Managed Under a Capstone Approach. GRS 6.1 gives disposition authority for email accounts at agencies adopting a Capstone approach to managing their email. It does not provide disposition authority for other email records management strategies. Agencies may not use GRS 6.1 until the completion and approval of NA-1005, Verification for Implementing GRS 6.1, Email Managed Under a Capstone Approach.

Agencies implementing a Capstone approach must adhere to the definitions provided in this GRS, including the definition of Capstone officials. If an agency cannot adhere to the definitions in the Capstone GRS, the agency must submit an agency-specific schedule.

  1. Why was GRS 6.1 developed?

Acknowledging that the majority of Federal agencies have an interest in adopting a Capstone approach to managing their email, NARA has developed this GRS to provide disposition authority.

The goal of this GRS is to help Federal agencies meet various electronic records management requirements and allow agencies to focus on implementation and the management of their email rather than the process of seeking disposition authority from NARA. For NARA, from a government-wide perspective, this GRS supports NARA’s oversight responsibilities by reducing subjectivity and increasing consistency in the determination of Capstone officials. This GRS establishes a baseline understanding of roles and disposition of email across the government and will reduce the risk of improper implementation.

  1. Where can I learn more information about the Capstone Approach?

Additional information on the general Capstone Approach may be found in Bulletin 2013-02, Guidance on a New Approach to Managing Email Records and in NARA’s White Paper on The Capstone Approach and Capstone GRS .  Information on general email management and more specifics on the Capstone Approach, as well as associated implementation aspects, may also be found on NARA’s email management web page.

For more information, please see the GRS web page. If you have any questions about the GRS, please contact