Update on the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI)

Here is the latest on the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI), our effort to make it easier for Federal agencies to obtain electronic records management (ERM) services and solutions.

Since last August when we hosted an Industry Day with GSA, we have been working on a number of FERMI-related projects. We are continuing to work with two groups at the General Services Administration (GSA): the Unified Shared Services Management (USSM) office under the Office of Shared Solutions and Performance Improvement (OSSPI) and the Schedule 36 team under the Federal Acquisitions Services (FAS).   

Electronic Records Management Federal Integrated Business Framework (ERM-FIBF) Federal Integrated Business Framework Graphic

We are continuing to develop our ERM-FIBF based on the OSSPI Federal Integrated Business Framework. We previously shared a draft document detailing the Lifecycles, Functions, Activities, and Business Capabilities needed for electronic records management. In addition to the Use Cases for Electronic Messages, we are working on Use Cases for Social Media and Websites. We are also developing the other components of the FIBF, including standard data items and performance metrics.

OSSPI’s Business Standards Council

NARA serves as the Standards Lead for Records Management on the Business Standards Council. The Council is currently reviewing the ERM-FIBF. This document includes all the business capabilities, functions, and activities agencies must have to manage their electronic records. As a member of the Council, NARA provides input to all the other service areas to ensure ERM requirements are included at the Shared Services level in new initiatives like NEW PAY.

GSA Schedule 36

We continue to partner with the GSA Schedule 36 team to promote the ERM SIN (51-600) and provide more resources for agencies to help simplify the procurement process. The SIN currently has 46 vendors listed. These vendors provide a range of ERM services and solutions.

The Procurement Committee for e-Government (PCE) recently approved two new Product Service Codes (PSCs) covering physical and electronic records management services. The creation of these new PSCs will allow for a coordinated, strategic approach to government-wide purchasing for records management services. In addition, the specific identification of these types of services will allow agencies to more effectively partner with us as they transition to fully-electronic recordkeeping.

The Schedule 36 team is also working to post vendor demos based on the Use Cases for Electronic Messages on the GSA market research tool, Discovery. As presented at the August 6, 2018 Industry Day, vendors are recording demos to show how their solutions can meet the Use Cases for Electronic Messages. GSA will be hosting a webinar later this spring to explain how agencies can access these demos through the Discovery tool.

As part of our effort to engage more agencies, we briefed the Chief Acquisition Officer Council (CAOC) on FERMI and our  partnership with GSA. This was a great opportunity to discuss our initiative with Federal Acquisition leaders.

We’re excited to continue working on these FERMI projects and helping agencies transition to fully electronic records management. Stay tuned to Records Express for more updates!