Disaster Preparedness during Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season is already underway, with Tropical Storm Isaias causing considerable damage as it made landfall last week. NOAA is predicting “an extremely active” hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin. 

As a result, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind Federal agencies and records personnel dealing with the effects of Isaias, or potentially with other storms, of information from our office. NARA posts records emergency information and other useful guidance to pass along to agency personnel. 

For advice and assistance on preparing for hurricanes and records recovery operations after the end of the storm, please refer to the preservation section of our website. Here, you will find a section on preparation, and several sections about what to do if you have records that have suffered damage.

Depending on the damage caused by storms, it may be necessary for your agency to implement a records recovery operation. Water damage will likely be the major records recovery issue. Our web page also includes a template (.pdf) for contracting for records recovery services. Contact Preservation Programs staff listed in the preservation section of our website for any questions regarding records salvage and recovery vendors.

For advice on records recovery issues, please contact Preservation Programs at preservation@nara.gov. Preservation staff monitors the email address and will respond accordingly.

For advice and assistance on other records management issues arising from the storm, including the need for emergency destruction of irreparably damaged records under 36 CFR 1229.10 or the loss of records under 36 CFR 1230.14, please contact the appraisal archivist assigned to your agency. Please see this list of agency staff assignments with NARA points of contact.

For advice and assistance on issues concerning classified national security information, please contact the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) at 202-357-5250 or via email at ISOO@nara.gov.