New NARA Bulletins Released

Our office has recently issued two NARA Bulletins to all federal agencies. The bulletins are:

2022-01: Revoked NARA Bulletins

2022-02: Resubmission of Capstone Forms

Bulletin 2022-01 revokes four previously issued NARA Bulletins. During our periodic review of NARA Bulletins, we determined these Bulletins contained outdated content and should be revoked. The four Bulletins being revoked are:

Any requirements contained in the revoked Bulletins have been subsumed by more recent NARA guidance.

If you have any questions about Bulletin 2022-01, please contact

Bulletin 2022-02 lays out new resubmission requirements for submitting Capstone forms (NA-1005). There are three types of resubmissions.

  • Mandatory government-wide resubmission cycle, every four years, for agencies using GRS 6.1 for disposition of email records. The resubmission cycle starts January 2023.
  • Agency-initiated ad hoc resubmission, for changes that need to be documented outside the mandatory cycles
  • NARA-initiated ad hoc resubmission based on results of a NARA inspection and/or agency reporting.

 If you have any questions about Bulletin 2022-02, please contact your NARA appraisal archivist.