CDO Coordination with RM Report Released

Our office recently conducted an assessment report of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) role’s relationship to records management. This report has now been posted on our website.

We conducted this assessment because we were interested in the relationship and linkages between agency CDO programs and records management as the new CDO role and responsibilities are being planned, established, and implemented across federal agencies.

RM requirements and expertise are important for ensuring that the management and use of data and information resources complies with federal RM statutes and regulations. RM policies and principles, when integrated with data management, will improve the lifecycle management of all agency information. Since agencies are in the early stages of establishing data governance programs, now is the time for agencies to ensure RM is a key component of these new programs.

The linkages between RM and data management provide agencies an opportunity to leverage both programs and promote efficient operational and programmatic objectives. The following graphic illustrates where we see opportunities for collaboration and coordination across the disciplines of data management and records management.

Venn diagram showing activities within the disciplines of records management and data management where there is potential for overlap - namely lifecycle management, stewardship, governance, risk management, contingency planning, transparency, legal, and compliance.
Side-by-Side Comparison of RM and DM and Areas for Collaboration and Coordination