Recent Capstone Updates From NARA

Use of electronic messaging often now replaces conversations previously occurring over email. Agencies have been striving to meet the challenges of applying federal records management requirements to electronic messages. To help with this challenge, we have recently issued several guidance products allowing agencies to apply the same Capstone approach for email to electronic messages. While using the Capstone approach for both email and messages is not mandatory, it does provide agencies with an established framework for managing these important records more effectively.

On January 5, 2023, our office issued NARA Bulletin 2023-02, Expanding the Use of a Role-Based Approach (Capstone) for Electronic Messages. This bulletin gives agencies the option of scheduling electronic messages of high-level roles and positions as permanent records and electronic messages of all others as temporary.

On January 11, 2023, our office transmitted updates to the General Records Schedules, specifically 6.1, Email and Other Electronic Messages Managed under a Capstone Approach. We also updated our Frequently Asked Questions about the Bulletin and GRS 6.1.

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